Sunday, 13 May 2007

Lazy knits....

I've decided to do the next hat in variegated colours.I like doing the rainbows and used to work in rows of 6 using 6 different colours, so I don't think that would look so good in a brimmed hat. I'll do the rainbows in a pull-down style but because I've been pet-sitting this weekend it was easier to do the variegated.

The sewing still awaits,but my family have arrrived unexpectedly for the weekend so I'll concentrate on the sewing up afterwards (yawns)..

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Viknits said...

Hey Jill, I resize the photos in photobucket before I post them!
I put them to the message board size, then when I upload them to blogger I pick the meddium size as well.
Your new hats are looking great :D