Monday, 7 May 2007


Well I decided on a royal dark green for the basketweave with white stripes.Pics to follow soon - I haven't published the photo of the pink & yellow stripy one I did yet. It's not sewn up yet but it is off the needles. I will do some more sewing up tonight when I get bored with ribbing - which doesn't take long.

Next in line is another beanie, main colour a dark red, with the 4 rainbow stripes in it.


Viknits said...

Oooh pics soon I hope?! For the tank top - it was a random acrylic yarn, by Woolcraft I think, I can't remember the name and stupidly didn't keep the ball band :( (oops)
The pattern is from Stitch n Bitch Nation! It's a good pattern, but I'm just not the right shape for the top sadly!
Vik x

Viknits said...

Sorry I forgot to add that it was done on straight needles!